Naturopathy operates with the idea that a person is an interrelated whole and that health means the optimal functioning of that entirety. As a client and a nurse, I've appreciated both the practice and the results of that approach for myself and my family, as well as the absence of adverse side effects. We've tested naturopathy in a wide gammut of {physiological} needs, and it has well proven it's value.

My menopausal symptoms have been mellowed by the use of homeopathic medicines and naturopathic therapies. That phase of a life's journey requires the wisdom of someone knowledgeable in the natural approaches to a women's healthcare. For me, Michael Reece, ND prescribed those remedies needed to balance all the changes occurring within my body. All the associated symptoms that most women complain about are simply not a part of my daily life. For the better part of three years as menopausal symptoms appeared, Michael Reece suggested appropriate remedies. Now, in my post menopausal years, I continue the natural appoach. My grandmother was 57-years-old when I was born. I only knew that precious soul in her post menopausal years. She was a delight. My goal is to be that kind of grandmother.

My appreciation of Michael Reece has continued to grow over the many years I have been his patient. His integrity and vast knowledge combined with well-developed listening skills make him an excellent naturopath. I continue to recommend him to friends and those I meet who are interested in alternative health care.